Dan Hylton Video

With Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners


"YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE" (official music video, You Will Go to the Moon EP, 2014)


"IT'S CHRISTMAS, CAROL" (official music video, You Will Go to the Moon EP, 2014)


"FAITH AND LIES AND PROMISES" (official music video, You Will Go to the Moon EP, 2014)



As a solo artist


"BOY" (official music video, Secret of Him EP, 2012)



"MY FRIENDS, THE BRITS" (official music video, Secret of Him EP, 2012)


Rafting Records Press

"...fresh, smart, yet deeply personal and emotional words capturing life's significant moments and its lessons taught...grand and poetic and loaded with imagery"

 ~RIFT Magazine 


"...quirky humor, clever slice-of-life observations, and raw emotion." 

 ~MN Public Radio 


"evokes something between a workbench and great deal of focused labor and, well, a fine beer"

 ~Camden News


“A rich, sophisticated, clever, and earnest work that is immensely satisfying to my pop-weary ears.”

 ~MN Sound 


“This recording speaks its own language through a dictionary of contemporary romance…missionaries reaching around for the first time to touch to the moon of whit.”

 ~Splendid e-Zine

About Rafting Records

Rafting Records is a family of artists with creative direction originating from Dan Hylton and Pat Gibbons and includes Southern Resident Killer Whales, the Gibbons/Hylton duo), and other solo and collaborative projects by the two.

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