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audio from Legendary Seasides EP (released November 4, 2017): 


Failing Fearlessly: "We’re given this idea that if you make a big change in your life things will just “feel right.” In fact, things might feel terrible. You might feel hurt, uncomfortable, scared, etc. But it was still the right choice. You’ve just gotta let it all play out. This song is expected to be the first release of our EP (video coming Oct 22!)." - Dan Hylton

Tearing It All Down: "This song is about those sorts of patterns we get stuck in, over time (in every aspect of life) and the notion of “what if we just decided, right here and now, tonight, that we were going to ‘tear it all down’ and break out?” - Dan Hylton

 Killing Time: "Semi-inspired by one line out of Green Day's "Sassafras Roots," this is our "four-minute rock opera." I've been fascinated with a "counterpoint" style of singing I'd seen through the years in musicals, and we had a little fun with that at the end." - Dan Hylton


Legendary Seasides is the debut EP by Southern Resident Killer Whales. To listen to more songs or to buy, visit (or see us at a show)!


For audio from Dan Hylton's past projects, including Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners' You Will Go to the Moon (2014) and his solo EP Secret of HIM (2012), visit Dan Hylton's audio page.


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Rafting Records Press

"...fresh, smart, yet deeply personal and emotional words capturing life's significant moments and its lessons taught...grand and poetic and loaded with imagery"

 ~RIFT Magazine 


"...quirky humor, clever slice-of-life observations, and raw emotion." 

 ~MN Public Radio 


"evokes something between a workbench and great deal of focused labor and, well, a fine beer"

 ~Camden News


“A rich, sophisticated, clever, and earnest work that is immensely satisfying to my pop-weary ears.”

 ~MN Sound 


“This recording speaks its own language through a dictionary of contemporary romance…missionaries reaching around for the first time to touch to the moon of whit.”

 ~Splendid e-Zine

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