Are you sad because the 90s seem so far away?

44 returns with the all-new EP Escape From Moon Jail

Pat Gibbons, Dan Hylton, and Brian Wells  in a 1990s Minneapolis-based Alternative Rock/Pop Band.   

A little time travel and they are Back to Rock the Planet with a new EP of unreleased material including studio and live recordings and two all-new music videos.  

Are you sad because the 90s seem so far away? 

Don't fret darlings. 

We are bringing them back.

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Read more about the process that led to the release of Escape From Moon Jail, in the "liner notes," below!

Escape From Moon Jail - Liner Notes Full liner notes for the 44 EP Escape From Moon Jail. 779 KB


 In the 1990s, Pat Gibbons and Dan Hylton of Sender's Dream were performing and recording as 44. In 1999, they released the sole full-length album, Free Land Wall.

“This recording speaks its own language through a dictionary of contemporary romance…missionaries reaching around for the first time to touch to the moon of whit.”  

(Splendid E-Zine) 

“…like reading magnetic poetry arranged on a refrigerator after a wild drunken party – without the really kinky stuff that you have to hide in the morning from the kids. Creative and refreshing.”