The "Let It Go" single comes out on June 12. Check back!

Southern Resident Killer Whales

Minneapolis-based Craft Pop (acoustic-driven indie rock)

Minneapolis-based Craft Pop (acoustic-driven indie rock)

Watch  the video!

On June 12, the "Let It Go" video will be available right here!

The video will be inspired by (and drawing footage from) Dan's April 4 streaming solo show (available on-demand on our videos page). We think the video will help preserve a bit of bittersweet nostalgia about the quarantine era for that period afterwards that can be a little tough to see in the moment.

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 On June 12, you'll be able to download a digital copy of "Let It Go" right here!

You can listen to (or download!) "Let It Go" in the player above, and find the song wherever you like to listen to music
(Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc). 

Pandemics mean no gigging (and no $$) 😢. Please consider a donation (below) to help us finish our Wave Forms EP!

Southern Resident Killer Whales

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