Hylton makes an indelible mark...balances quirky humor, clever slice-of-life observations, and raw emotion.”

— MPR 89.3 The Current

Southern Resident Killer Whales

Minneapolis-based indie rocker and songwriter Dan Hylton’s self-proclaimed “Craft Pop” quartet Southern Resident Killer Whales “...makes an indelible mark...balancing quirky humor, clever slice-of-life observations, and raw emotion (89.3 The Current). 

“...and if the phrase ‘Craft Pop’ evokes something between a workbench and great deal of focused labor and, well, a fine beer,” writes Camden Newswell, that’s sort of the point.” While many in the alt-rock scene favor a guitar-driven “wall of sound,” Southern Resident Killer Whales remain steadfastly driven by the craft of the song, applying their efforts at lifting the melodies, the harmonies, and the words, which Rift Magazine proclaims as “…fresh, smart, yet deeply personal and emotional words capturing life’s significant moments and its lessons taught

Musically, the ‘Whales’ catchy yet sophisticated acoustic-driven pop sounds something like a slightly offbeat Glen Hansard meets a slightly upbeat Morrissey, with songs that range from intimate chamber-pop arrangements with horn to driving, harmony-laden indie rock. Lyrically, Hylton bares all with a words that alternate between potent advocacy and those with an almost embarrassing level of intimacy. He strives to write the sort lyrics that, in his words, “make people feel like they just had a conversation with a really good friend:” 

Hylton calls his Southern Resident Killer Whales “the most trippy” band he has fronted to date, enjoying the ability of his bandmates to “take each song where it wants to go.” The formally-trained multi-instrumentalists Mark Anderson (bass, horns,mandolin) and Krista Johnson (drums, percussion, keys), along with versatile guitarist Brian Siegel, add a depth of training and theory to Hylton’s varied original works, and variety to live shows. 

Southern Resident Killer Whales released the Legendary Seasides EP at the end of 2017 and its current live show, "catchy, cool, and not over-the-top," is a natural fit in both the Twin Cities indie rock club scene and special events, with the band having recently performed Oktoberfest for 612Brew and a suicide awareness fundraiser at Copperwing Distrillery.

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