Sender's Dream

Indie pop/rock duo Sender's Dream  released the single "Mitchell's Art" on November 27, 2020. 

That you live in a suffering, straining world is the official position of the band. Why not let the cheery island flavors of Sender's Dream carry you a place where you can Heal All the Hurt? With ukulele through-line, doo-wop bedrock, and playful rhythm section, "Mitchell's Art" explores the questions the universe answers but you were afraid to ask. 

Well, ask the Universe and it just may answer "Mitchell's Art!"

"Mitchell's Art" is the third single from the Sender's Dream duo, following 2019's "Orange Afternoon" ("fruit-spawned bliss" - The City Pages) and 2018's "The Go Ahead" ("a jaunty message of self-determination" - The City Pages). 

Indie rock co-songwriters and co-conspirators Pat Gibbons and Dan Hylton have enjoyed many musical adventures together, having spearheaded the Minneapolis band 44 and partnered for the eponymous duo, Pat and Dan. The two have now teamed up again on an ambitious collaborative endeavor writing and recording songs with the gracious creative contributions of musical friends from around the world.  


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