Sender's Dream

Who’s that? It’s the Blackheath Pedestrian! He’s on his way across the countryside, striding and singing along. Who else? It’s a colourful cast of characters! Odd sorts, and wandering pilgrims, and good friends all! What are they doing? Growing and following as they tramp and ramble along the way to their destination: a Sender’s Dream rock show!

" It's a good one" (Given to Rock)

"the instrumentation sounds amazing" (Fusio Nostalgia)

Indie pop/rock duo Sender's Dream released the single "Blackheath Pedestrian" on Friday, March 18.

"Blackheath Pedestrian" is the fifth single from the Sender's Dream duo, following 2021's "Shatter Wick" ("A powerful and epic composition...incredible and inspiring" - Affinity Ascension) , 2020's "Mitchell's Art" ("Dope, bro" -, 2019's "Orange Afternoon" ("fruit-spawned bliss" - The City Pages), and 2018's "The Go Ahead" ("a jaunty message of self-determination" - The City Pages). 


Two orphans, one raised by Italian monks and the other by wolves in the mountains of Romania. Discovered by the mysterious Sender, enlightened in the arts, and trusted to deliver first-rate music to a new generation of the world. Pat and Dan have since enjoyed many musical adventures together and are now teamed up on on an ambitious collaborative endeavor writing and recording songs with the gracious creative contributions of musical friends from everywhere.


the single

"Blackheath Pedestrian"

“a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by crisply vocals that sit with an avant-garde swagger...immersive and imaginative lyricism, quick flowing arrangement...Fun. Well-crafted…props are due!”  

(Music on the Moon)

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