Southern Resident Killer Whales Video

Videos after guitarist Brian Siegel joined us in 2019

Let It Go
(single, 2020)

Some songs are about letting go of the baggage that hold you back. This one is about letting go of the sort of baggage that you lay on other people. Though "letting go" in this circumstance may benefit you just as much, in the long run. 

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Dan HYLton Solo Streaming Show (Live)

Streaming concert of Dan Hylton to benefit Alloy Brewing Company, in lieu of a full-band concert that was canceled due to quarantine😢. Originally broadcast April 4, 2020, right from Dan's living room in Minneapolis, MN.



"Boy" (Live)

The song "Boy" of the 2012 EP The Secret of Him finally realized in full band form at Inbound BrewCo in June 2019.



"Artists That Hate Me" (Live)

First capture of the new Southern Resident Killer Whales song "Artists That Hate Me." The performance was captured at Caydence Records and Coffee in St. Paul MN on February 2019.

Official music videos before lead guitarist Brian Siegel joined us in 2019