Sender's Dream

The Music of Sender's Dream

Ask the Universe and it just may answer "Mitchell's Art." 

(single, 2020) 

You live in a suffering, straining world. Why not let the cheery island flavors of Sender's Dream carry you a place where you can Heal All the Hurt? With ukelele through-line, doo-wop bedrock, and playful rhythm section, "Mitchell's Art" explores the questions the universe answers but you were afraid to ask.

Well, ask the Universe and it just may answer "Mitchell's Art!"


(single, 2019)

 Sender's Dream invites you over for an Orange Afternoon.

"Orange Afternoon" is a gentle, soulful, and rather lush sashay into uncharted, orange territory. Adding the contributions of multi-instrumentalist Mark Anderson (Southern Resident Killer Whales), "Orange Afternoon" traipses it's way through a veritable poppy field of melody and musical progression up through a powerful, only distantly threatening, yet ultimately satisfying, conclusion, Lyrically, an exploration of how to chill.out.

"Fruit-spawned bliss"

- The City Pages

"a jaunty message of  self determination and astral exploration."

- The City Pages

(single, 2018)

Pat: I've got this new song cooking. I'm sorta thinking a Beatles/Revolver-era bass. Can you do that? 
Dan: I'll give it a try. 
Pat: I'm also thinking Beatles/Revolver-style harmonies. 
Dan: Sure, I'll see what I can do. 
Pat: And how about a lead guitar that sounds like something played by a Space-Man? 
Dan: Oh yeah!!! 

The Space Man is giving you The Go Ahead. If you listen, you just might hear it.

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