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An Orange Afternoon is at Hand

(single, 2019)

 Sender's Dream invites you over for an Orange Afternoon.

"Orange Afternoon" is a gentle, soulful, and rather lush sashay into uncharted, orange territory. Adding the contributions of multi-instrumentalist Mark Anderson (Southern Resident Killer Whales), "Orange Afternoon" traipses it's way through a veritable poppy field of melody and musical progression up through a powerful, only distantly threatening, yet ultimately satisfying, conclusion, Lyrically, an exploration of how to chill.out.

"Fruit-spawned bliss"

- The City Pages

"a jaunty message of  self determination and astral exploration."

- The City Pages

(single, 2018)

Pat: I've got this new song cooking. I'm sorta thinking a Beatles/Revolver-era bass. Can you do that? 
Dan: I'll give it a try. 
Pat: I'm also thinking Beatles/Revolver-style harmonies. 
Dan: Sure, I'll see what I can do. 
Pat: And how about a lead guitar that sounds like something played by a Space-Man? 
Dan: Oh yeah!!! 

The Space Man is giving you The Go Ahead. If you listen, you just might hear it.

The Space-Man is giving you The Go Ahead. Can you hear it?

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