Sender's Dream

An Orange Afternoon is at Hand

Coming Friday, January 4, 2019: "Orange Afternoon"

The second release by Sender's Dream, "Orange Afternoon" is a gentle, soulful, and rather lush sashay into uncharted, orange territory. Adding the contributions of multi-instrumentalist Mark Anderson (Southern Resident Killer Whales), "Orange Afternoon" traipses it's way through a veritable poppy field of melody and musical progression up through a powerful, only distantly threatening, yet ultimately satisfying, conclusion, Lyrically, an exploration of how to chill.out.

On January 4, 2019, the new "Orange Afternoon" music video will be released, the song will be available wherever you listen to or purchase digital music, and Minneapolis-area fans can join Dan at a listening party.

Sender's Dream Gets The Go Ahead

Check out "The Go Ahead," the exciting debut single and music video from Sender's Dream.

a jaunty message of self determination and astral exploration”

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