1. Let It Go

From the recording Let It Go

Dan Hylton: lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Brian Siegel: electric guitar, lead guitar
Mark Anderson: bass, background vocals
Krista Johnson: drums, percussion, background vocals

words & music by Dan Hylton


Calamity abounds but it’s not visible to the likes of me
You’re a serial guilt trip provider and I’m a victim to the nth degree
You’ve buried the source of your stresses so long, I might get a rise but you won’t make a sound
I hopped the last plane to trainsville, so don’t expect me to just be around

Let it go - turn your face, it’s a rising sun
Let it go – the adventure’s just begun

Your shades are drawn, it’s been too long, since you’ve been seen in this lazy little town
But I suspect you’re all-too-ready the next time a Music Man comes around
When the words “somebody hurt you” are the offerings you get from strangers on a train
I think you could benefit from some kind of deliverance, so I’ll - I’ll say itagain (in guitar!)

You’ve struggled with trolls and the like, you’ve battled your share of wolf riders
You’re utterly spent, but I’m paying you back, and I’m your soul provider

Let it go - ooo ooo
Let it go - ooo ooo
Let it go - turn your face to the setting sun
Let it go – the adventure’s just begun