Happy to finally celebrate the release of "Baker's Cousin" on March 25 (my birthday too) along with 2 great bands Southern Resident Killer Whales (https://raftingrecords.com/srkw-press-kit) and Street Hassle (https://streethassle.bandcamp.com/music) Robert Christgau: Dean of American Rock Critics Joe Fahey: Baker’s Cousin (Rough Fish) “There’s a vaccine on the horizon/There’s a sunrise in the east,” the opener reports hopefully, but one-note melodies and $12 cocktails impinge as the insomnia that began with “that one election” never fully loosens its hold (“All Quiet on the Midwestern Front,” “Nobody’s Afraid of Ringo”) *** Consumer Guide: January, 2023 Saturday, March 25, 2023 7:00pm-10:30pm 7pm: Southern Resident Killers Whales 8pm: Street Hassle 9pm: Joe Fahey & Band Driftwood Char Bar 4415 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis